Strawless Ocean, from the Lonely Whale Foundation

We're not anti-straw, we're anti single-use plastics. Here are our suggested marine-friendly alternatives to plastic.

Competitive pricing is available for all Strawless Ocean partners.

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go Strawless

(learn how to cut straw usage by 90%)

Plastic Straw Alternatives



Plastic Straw Alternatives

Glass: simply straws



Plastic Straw Alternatives

bamboo: Straw Free

K16VSSC-SB - LS - Smoothie At Counter With Lid_square.jpg

Steel & Silicone: Klean Kanteen

Plastic Straw Alternatives


Steelys Drinkware


Interested in purchasing alternative straws at commercial scale?

Order our official Strawless Ocean paper straws here.

We recognize that single use plastics are a necessity for some. Read more about our work with the disability community here.


Featured image by artist Jeff Davis.