How 5Gyres Supports a Strawless Ocean


Support 5Gyres and a Strawless Ocean

Pledge to go #foamfree by avoiding polystyrene products, then share this commitment with your community.

About the Campaign

In March of 2017, 5 Gyres launched the #foamfree Action Campaign. Designed to raise awareness about polystyrene products — from Styrofoam cups to polystyrene lids, cutlery and straws — and connect visitors with bans in their communities (as well as the tools they need to start one), the campaign features a tongue-in-cheek take on the issue delivered through the #topless4oceans video (click play on the video above!), in which influencers like David Stover of Bureo Skateboards and sports broadcaster Angela Sun from the Oakland A’s challenge viewers to “go topless” by refusing a polystyrene lid. #foamfree also serves to raise awareness about preemptive legislation, the state-wide bans on restriction of plastic containers—such as polystyrene and plastic bags—that have been implemented in eight states since 2015.

On social, the @5Gyres campaign is promoted through #topless4oceans selfies and challenge videos, such as this one posted by Anna Getty as well as #hugyourmug photos that promote reusables.